Sunday, June 23, 2013

FCS Fins

A surfboard fin is also referred to as the skeg. The fins are a hydrofoil which is mounted at the tail of a surfboard to improve the maneuverability, directional stability and better control of the board through foot-steering. Try FCS Fins

There are also swim fins, which are worn on the foot or leg that are made from rubber or plastic which aids in the movement through the water in the water related sports activities such as swimming, body surfing, body boarding, river boarding, knee boarding, and various types of underwater diving. The durability of the fins is directly related to the quality of the material and design used in making the fins. 

If the fins are of poor quality, they usually break down by splitting at the heel and by tearing at the toe pocket. There is a great demand and high desire to get quality fins in the market. The high standard of quality and excellence has now been extended into the fin market.

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